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01 Oct



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28 Sep

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27 Sep
in the end, they’d always find their way back.

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25 Sep


do you ever feel like you’re just sort of 


like all your friends go out and do things and have fun and do stupid things with their best friends and instead of doing all that you’re just sort of this mildly entertaining thing that people take an interest in once in a while but they wouldn’t really care if it was gone

like you just sort of exist but you don’t really mean anything

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21 Sep




A friend of mine gave to Tyler a paper with “I ship us” on it and every actor was supposed to sign it with their character’s name. He said: “no I can’t” and my friend was like: “why?!” “you’re not gonna write ‘stiles’ on…

21 Sep


wishlist: a well written complex female villain that did NOT become a villain because the man she loved rejected her/was unfairly killed

19 Sep

Dylan & Hoechlin + mirroring

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18 Sep
That’s actually a running joke on set. Whenever someone’s like, “I don’t understand why my character would do this,” or, “This feels awkward,” the director — or whoever — will be like, “Guys, this is a show about werewolves. Just do it.”

Ryan Kelly (x)

I thought I was beyond being surprised by how awful Teen Wolf has become, but then… this.

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This? This right here?

This perfectly explains the declining quality of the show.

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15 Sep


I think that Minerva McGonagall was fully aware that the marauders were trying to become animagi and she may or may not have carefully placed some useful reference books, some of which may or may not have been her own personal copies, in the library where she knew they would find them.

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13 Sep


Okay so mid season 2, Scott and Allison go to the fair or something together, and they pass one of those archery game booths, where if you get the arrow in the target you win a stuffed animal. The guy working there shouts at them as they’re walking by.

“Hey, you look like…

11 Sep



I can’t even right now

shut up, teenwolf, you be writing cheques you never will cash 

11 Sep


Ops… that was totally unexpected